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NOAA ProTech


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services program (ProTech) is a suite of multiple award contracts with a $3B ceiling organized around four technical Domains: Oceans, Fisheries, Satellite, and Weather. The program provides an industrial base of professional, scientific, and technical resources to support the NOAA mission and the needs of other Department of Commerce (DOC) Bureaus.


JHT is a Large Business prime contract holder on the Oceans domain. We are also a subcontractor to a Small Business prime on the Oceans domain, and a subcontractor to a Large Business prime on the Fisheries domain.

ProTech Oceans: Team JHT

Team JHT offers a breadth of value-driven support capabilities with highly qualified personnel for professional, technical, managerial, communication, and administrative requirements across all five ProTech Oceans Service Areas. With a combined 80+ years’ experience supporting NOAA, and more than 20 years supporting NOS, Team JHT has supported: National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science
(NCCOS), National Geodetic Survey (NGS), National Marine Sanctuaries, Office of Coastal Management (OCM), Office of Coast Survey (OCS), and Office of Response and Restoration (ORR). 


We look forward to continuing our role as a trusted industry partner supporting NOS’ core mission and objectives.

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Centuria Corporation is an ISO 9001:2015 certified SDVOSB providing Meteorological

Services, IT Systems, Engineering Services, and Scientific Services to Federal and International

customers for more than 21 years. They have supported NOAA for over 7 years.

E3 Federal Solutions (E3), a Veteran-Owned Business, has been providing support to the

Federal Government since 2004 with competencies in program management,

communication, acquisition management, and financial services, to include science and

technology, transportation, facilities, and mission support.

Fugro Marine Geoservices, Inc. (FMGI) provides bathymetric surveying for diverse marine

and nearshore investigations and mapping, environmental consultancy and marine ecology

characterization and monitoring. Fugro has been providing continuous support to NOAA

since 1997.

Leading Solutions is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and Woman

Owned Small Business (WOSB) providing administrative, technical, and training services to

NOAA and other Government and commercial clients.

M2 Strategy, Inc., an ISO 9001:2015 certified WOSB, have had the honor of spending the last

14 years as a NOAA-centric company, partnering with NOAA to help streamline their

organizations, provide project/program/portfolio and programmatic support, as well as

advancing strategic plans and project programming across various line offices.


Pinnacle Ecological, Inc. (Pinnacle) is an environmental science consulting company

supporting coastal and offshore marine development activities, providing award-winning

service support to NOAA for over eight years.


SAIC has supported mission critical systems and operations for NOAA, NASA, and the Navy

which include ocean and coastal data acquisition, operation, and maintenance of ocean

observing platforms, production and deployment of tsunami dart buoys, scientific services

support for environmental modeling, oceanographic data processing and analysis support,

systems engineering, and algorithm and software development.



ProTech Oceans: Team JHT

Studies, Analyses and Reports

  • Real time 24x7 Sensor Data Monitoring and Quality Control

  • Investigating and Reporting Data Problems

  • Satellite Gravity Data, Geodetic Modeling, and Analysis

  • Analysis of Satellite Data

  • Data Systems Entry, Manipulation, Verification, QC Evaluation

Applied Research, Development, Engineering and Operations

  • Coastal and Ocean Research, Products, Reports and Studies

  • Seafloor and Associated Biodata Field Operations

  • Vessel Support and Operation for Expeditions

  • Real-time Data Transfer, Integration, Support, Interoperability

  • Remote Sensing Technical and Analytical Services

  • Marine Debris Programmatic and Technical Support

Field Sampling, Data Collection and Surveys

  • Field Data Collection and Platforms, Diving

  • Analyze and Report Socioeconomic Data

  • Collect, Process and Document Data, Literature

  • Collect and Analyze Geospatial Data, Maintain Geodetic Models

  • Chemical Characterization, Histopathological Analysis Samples

Consulting, Program and Project Management

  • Planning, Policy Development, Congressional Affairs and Budget

  • QA for Archived Data, QC Processes for Collecting Data

  • NEPA Environmental Assessment Assistance

  • Instructions, Guides, Procedures, and Processes Development

  • Requirement, Business Analysis, Design Document Development

  • Budget and Financial Data Administrative and Technical Support

  • Assistance for Financial Services, Interagency, Grants, Funding

Capacity Building

  • Technical Training for Professional Audiences

  • Provision of Educational Information

  • Products and Services Assistance for Local Communities

  • NOAA Fellowship Program Development



Whether you are interested in working with JHT or want to provide feedback about our performance,
JHT wants to hear from you. Please contact any one of the following individuals for additional support:

POC Information
Business Development
Adrian Cox VP, Business Development 407-381-7797 x229
Stephani Gibson Sr. Contracts Administrator 407-381-7797 x309

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