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JHT has gained media attention ever since we made our first pitch back in 2000. Our press kit below includes all the information you need in order to cover our story. We offer videos, demos, images, data and much more.


Training and Simulation


Environmental and Marine Science


Technical Data Management


Professional Support Solutions



Training and Simulation

JHT has designed over 10,000 hours of Interactive Multimedia Instruction that integrates: 2D and 3D graphics and animation, simulation and motion capture. Our training solutions are developed for use on Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) hardware including touch screen devices. Our customized solutions are designed to provide customers with a cost and user efficient end product for both operator and maintenance training.


Our gaming solutions are tailored to the skill level of the end user and are developed to serve as a capstone learning experiences or complex situational awareness training for the department defense or other military agency.


ProxSIMity Product Offerings

Based on your training needs, choose from a selection of gesture library products and/or a comprehensive and customized training solution that features one of the gesture library options. **Customized Training Solutions pricing is based on project scope.

Gesture Library

Advanced Touch System
Base product featuring the full library of over 100 advanced touch gestures.

Advanced Touch System 2D
A more robust library of gestures than Lite but slightly less than the full version, this option takes into account that certain tasks do not require the full library. This is a suitable option for a 2D environment (push, slide, rotate, etc.)

Advanced Touch System Lite
A small library of gestures that can be used as a plug and play option - similar to a student software version - that will be placed on the Unity Store with the inclusion of built-in development scripts.

Customized Training Solutions

proxSIMity 3D
A customized simulation training solution utilizing 3D graphics and all of the gestures within the Advanced Touch System delivered on Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) hardware

proxSIMity 2D
A customized simulation training solution utilizing 2D graphics with Advanced Touch System 2D delivered on COTS hardware

Advanced Gestures Means Enhanced Interaction

proxSIMity™  is a gesture library. Think basic touch, but upgraded with real-time physics. Our five-finger gesture allows you to apply just enough pressure to close a jar lid, twist a light bulb or lift the hood on a car. It's innovative, intuitive and provides students a more realistic interaction when using touch screen, pressure-sensitive based applications.

Government Sole Source Option

proxSIMity was developed during Phases I and II of a Government funded Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant. Under the SBIR Phase III Directive, any work at this phase does not require further competition due to satisfaction of the Competition in Contracting Act (CICA). Therefore, agencies wishing to purchase proxSIMity training solutions can do so as a sole source procurement. 

How Will this Work for Me? What About My Bottom Line?

Our team will work closely with you to develop a custom built simulation that incorporates proxSIMity gestures and your predefined maintenance and operator tasks. The final product will be delivered on commercial off the shelf hardware (touch screens, computer towers, laptops or tablets) which will result in a tremendous savings for your overall training budget.

Advanced Touch System

Swipe and pinch to zoom are a thing of the past with five-finger, pressure-sensitive gestures in the proxSIMity™ Advanced Touch System. Once integrated into your touch-screen training program, this library of over 100 gestures results in improved performance and decreased training time for your workforce.

proxSIMity Trainer 2.jpg

Have More Questions or Prefer a Product Demo?
Please contact Adrian Cox |




JHT has solid past performance in managing and developing technical publications for numerous U.S. military customers. We reduce costs for our clients by leveraging an extensive, existing library of 3D artifacts including military vehicles and aircraft.

  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals and Bulletins (IETM, IETB)

  • Technical Bulletins (TB)

  • Technical Manuals (TM)

  • Install/Modification Work Orders (MWO)

  • Software User Manuals (SUM)

  • 3D Graphics and Engineering Drawings

  • Parts Ordering Capability


Our team has perfected the process of developing MIL-STD compliant technical documentation in XML and utilizing customized audit tools and publication/content tracking matrices. Our primary customers are the U.S. Army and Navy.

DoD Standards: S1000D, MIL-STD 40051, MIL-STD 1535A

Technical Manuals.png

Technical Manuals and Bulletins

Considered an industry expert on managing and developing technical data for numerous U.S. military customers, JHT has designed innovative and cost effective solutions for Data Modeling and Enrichment, Data Management Application Design, Support of Knowledge Management Systems and High End Automated Publishing.


We have developed a proven conversion and electronic tech data publishing solution. Our Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals feature 3D artwork and interactive animations providing step-by-step instructions for operator and maintenance tasks.

3-D Graphics and Animations

Our skilled team of graphic artists design 2D and 3D images and animations to support training deliverables. We can develop original line art from photographs or reduce costs for our customers by leveraging an extensive library of military vehicles and aircraft images.




National Marine Mammal Foundation

JHT provides the National Marine Mammal Foundation (NMMF) with over 20 years of combined expert-level vessel handling, safety and logistical support and dolphin research. Team members provide technical support for marine mammal field studies in Baratari Bay, Louisiana – an area heavily impacted by the Deepwater Horizon Spill in 2010 (ABC News Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill ). JHT staff offer ongoing assistance with critical fieldwork efforts that include dolphin capture release planning and logistics coordination for boats and equipment, photo-id analysis and monitoring, specimen analysis, data reporting and marine mammal handling.



Climate Change and Watershed Hydrology—Heavier Precipitation Influence on Stormwater Runoff

Authors: Anne C. Blair and Denise Sanger

Abstract Excerpt: Stormwater runoff in the USA is a main driver of non-point source pollution and other major problems for urbanizing areas, and runoff effects will be exacerbated by the increased frequency and intensity of heavier storm events that are projected as climate changes. The purpose of this paper is to consider how increased rainfall from storms could influence direct stormwater runoff in urbanizing watersheds.

Click here to access the full publication.


JHT offers a broad range of value-driven support services with highly qualified personnel for professional, technical, managerial, communication, and administrative requirements in the environmental and marine science service areas.


Core capabilities include:

  •  Scientific and Technical Support

  • Marine Biotoxin/Marine Disease and Ecotoxicology Research - Harmful Algal Blooms and Pathology, Marine Forensic Research

  • Coastal Ecological Assessments, Modeling and Forecasting

  • Habitat Conservation and Restoration/ Ecosystem Approaches to Management (EAM)

  • Ocean Health Diagnostics and Assessments

  • Aquaculture and Invasive Species

  • GIS Mapping and Spatial Analyses

  • Marine Mammal Research and Conservation

  • Southeast Fishery-Independent Survey (SEFIS), Head Boat Sampling and Port Agent Service

  • Field Investigations

  • Estuarine Reserves, Land Acquisition and Coastal Strategy Programs

  • Reclamation and Remediation

  • Environmental Assessment Phases 1, 2, and 3


  •  Sustainable Fisheries Management

  • Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act (MSA)

  • Marine Mammal Protection Act

  • Endangered Species Act


  •  Social Science

  • Surveys

  • Risk Assessment

  • Fundamental Change

  •  Program Management and Administrative Support
  •  Training, Education, Communication and Outreach
  •  Facilities and Grounds Maintenance
  •  Conferences and Exhibitions
  •  Technical Documentation and Publication Management




JHT has over 25 years of past performance recruiting, retaining and managing Positions of Trust for the U.S. Government. We rely on our established value-driven management practices and proven support infrastructure – Program Management, Contract Management, Human Resources, Payroll and Recruiting – to deliver customized, cost-efficient solutions to our government customers.

Our areas of specialty include:

  • Administrative and Office Management

  • Facilities Management

  • Legal Solutions

  • Program Management

  • Forensic Consulting

  • Research and Development

  • Graphic Design


JHT is proud to have provided services and solutions to a multitude of organizations.
A few of our most notable customers include:

Office for U.S. Attorneys | U.S. Army | U.S. Navy | Smithsonian Institute | Navy Medicine West | Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals | Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute

For more information about our professional support solutions, please contact:

  Matthew Robinson |

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