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Quality Management

JHT’s Quality Management System (JQMS) consists of an integrated process that begins and ends with the customer. It is focused on ensuring customer satisfaction through the delivery of quality products and services that routinely exceed customer standards and expectations.

With an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality management system, JHT’s approach to quality seeks to continuously improve performance and promotes the participation of all employees in the identification of both the need for corrective action and opportunities to improve performance and/or efficiency. This is done through the application of new or innovative ways of conducting business and achieving customer satisfaction.


Our QMS consists of processes to: establish goals and metrics; define, document and implement processes to achieve the goals; monitor the processes and measure results; conduct periodic reviews to identify areas needing improvement or opportunities for improvement; and, formulate improvement actions. This dynamic proactive approach to quality and business management ensures the early identification of and rapid response to quality issues.

The JHT proactive and continuous improvement approach to Quality Management is also applied to each and every contract, delivery order, and subcontract we receive. At the project level, the process begins with identification, documentation, and understanding of the customer’s requirements, including quality elements and metrics. The Project Plan and Quality Plan together provide a set of program milestones and quality objectives that guide execution and provide the basis for measuring both progress and quality performance. During project execution performance and quality performance data are captured and recorded for comparison with planned milestones and objectives. Periodic internal and customer reviews compare execution data to planning data and identify issues requiring attention or corrective action. Improvement/corrective actions are formulated, reviewed, and approved by the customer prior to implementation.