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ProTech Oceans: Team JHT

Studies, Analyses and Reports

• Real time 24x7 Sensor Data Monitoring and Quality Control

• Investigating and Reporting Data Problems

• Satellite Gravity Data, Geodetic Modeling, and Analysis

• Analysis of Satellite Data

• Data Systems Entry, Manipulation, Verification, QC Evaluation

Applied Research, Development, Engineering and Operations

• Coastal and Ocean Research, Products, Reports and Studies

• Seafloor and Associated Biodata Field Operations

• Vessel Support and Operation for Expeditions

• Real-time Data Transfer, Integration, Support, Interoperability

• Remote Sensing Technical and Analytical Services

• Marine Debris Programmatic and Technical Support

Field Sampling, Data Collection and Surveys

• Field Data Collection and Platforms, Diving

• Analyze and Report Socioeconomic Data

• Collect, Process and Document Data, Literature

• Collect and Analyze Geospatial Data, Maintain Geodetic Models

• Chemical Characterization, Histopathological Analysis Samples

Consulting, Program and Project Management

• Planning, Policy Development, Congressional Affairs and Budget

• QA for Archived Data, QC Processes for Collecting Data

• NEPA Environmental Assessment Assistance

• Instructions, Guides, Procedures, and Processes Development

• Requirement, Business Analysis, Design Document Development

• Budget and Financial Data Administrative and Technical Support

• Assistance for Financial Services, Interagency, Grants, Funding

Capacity Building

• Technical Training for Professional Audiences

• Provision of Educational Information

• Products and Services Assistance for Local Communities

• NOAA Fellowship Program Development