Network Specialist

Orlando, FL, USA

Job Type

Full Time

The Network/Systems Analyst is responsible for analyzing, designing, installing, configuring, maintaining and repairing network servers; systems and subsystems.

Required Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems preferred; Degree in Computer Science and/or equivalent experience may be considered

  • Proven experience of at least 2 years in performing the duties and tasks of a Network or Systems Analyst, in working in a virtual environment, ideally with VMWare technology, and in programming tools and techniques

Skills and Specifications:

  • Ability to plan, review and prioritize workloads.

  • Develop efficient user training.

  • Must be able to establish standards and evaluate user issues.

  • Be able to analyze, resolve and address needs as well as problems of users.

  • Must develop and maintain harmonious work relationships with co-employees and users.

  • Skilled in effective communication, both verbal and written.